Discover the markets at less than 30 minutes from the campsite in Sarlat la Canéda !


The markets are a must to discover the treasures of the Périgord region! Fill up on flavors and buy high quality local products at the markets of Sarlat!


Against the backdrop of the listed buildings in the center of the magnificent town of Sarlat, the markets are an opportunity to immerse yourself in a friendly and lively atmosphere, between colorful stalls exhaling the gourmet scents of local products: in the summer, the sweet freshness of strawberries and melons rubs shoulders with the bewitching scent of forest mushrooms: porcini mushrooms, sheep’s trotters, chanterelles, but also the unavoidable and precious truffles. The duck breasts, confits and foies gras of the region are next to the farmhouse cheeses and the beautiful walnuts of the Périgord. After the summer, the first fresh chestnuts appear on the shelves. The rest of the year, they are used to make cream, cakes, bread or beer. From appetizer to dessert, the market stalls of Sarlat-la-Canéda promise a 100% local and gourmet meal. Local honeys complete the long list of Perigordian specialties: to be eaten on toast or used in cooking for the sweetness of a sweet and sour dish. A real feast for the taste buds, going to the market in Sarlat is a convivial activity in the Dordogne which allows you to stroll among the stalls, tasting here and there a farm product before sitting on the terrace with a local wine.


From the big night market to the small artisanal market in the historic center, through the open-air market of local producers, you will have many opportunities to fill up on foie gras and regional products in Sarlat! Farmers’ and local markets, organic markets, traditional markets, craft markets or night markets, the city of Sarlat is animated by different markets throughout the year, and more particularly in season. The traditional weekly market takes place on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Mainly food on Wednesdays, it is enriched with stalls of clothes, gifts, jewelry and leather goods on Saturdays. The market of Sarlat, in the old Sainte-Marie church in the heart of the old town, is open every morning from April to October, including Sundays, and all day on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from mid-July to the end of August. An organic market is also proposed on Thursdays at 5:00 pm or 6:00 pm depending on the season, on the 14th of July square, and on Wednesdays from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm at the castle of Campagnac. You can find fruits and vegetables, bread, flours, regional specialties as well as textiles and other non-food products in high season. To enjoy the atmosphere of the night market and stroll between the stalls of arts and crafts and local products, go to Sarlat on Thursday nights. The famous truffle market is an event not to be missed in Sarlat. It takes place every Saturday morning from December to mid-March in the rue de Fénelon, opposite the town hall.