Discover the Troglodytic village of La Madeleine located near the campsite La Fage!


Prehistoric site located at 30 minutes of our 4 stars Dordogne campsite, also called shelter of the Madeleine, this rock shelter is located at the edge of Vézère in the department of the Dordogne. Although it is not a Dordogne cave as such, we put it in this category for its famous rock shelters.



Follow in the footsteps of your ancestors through the centuries, in an environment as exceptional as it is beautiful in New Aquitaine.
Located at about twenty kilometers from the campsite la fage, in the heart of the Vézère valley, discover a troglodytic village perfectly preserved in spite of the many centuries crossed.

For the record, when the site was discovered, the excavations brought to light many tools and remains dating from prehistoric times.
Thus were found among other things points of assegais and harpoons in reindeer wood, flint tools, limestone plates decorated with fine engravings of animals, bone needles, ornaments …

The site of La Madeleine is therefore related to the Upper Paleolithic period and the Magdalenian era.
From the IX to the XIX century, the inhabitants came to take refuge in this shelter hidden in the cliff and dominating the valley of Vézère, in order to protect themselves from the plunderings, and the invaders. The surrounding woods and forests provide the game and the river the fish necessary for the inhabitants.
The first houses built at the beginning of the IX and X centuries were made of wood or cob.
In the Middle Ages, the castle of Petit-Marzac, whose ruins can be seen during the visit of the site, was the property of a lord. The village of La Madeleine respected the seigneurial principles. It was at this time that a small private chapel was built. Its perfect state of preservation allows today to visit it in its entirety and to observe its architecture inspired by Romanesque and Gothic art.



To visit the Village de la Madeleine, nothing could be easier. You just have to follow the Vézère river and follow the direction of Les Eyzies from the campsite.
The site is open from March 1st to November 15th.
Rates range from 3.50€ to 7€ depending on the age of the person. Group rates are available for 15 people or more.
Pets are welcome as long as they are kept on a leash.
So, are you ready to follow in the footsteps of your ancestors? Visit one of the most beautiful prehistoric sites in the Dordogne! During your stay, you can also visit La Roque Gageac and its troglodyte fortress, one of the other troglodyte sites in the area, and the Lascaux II cave, a Unesco World Heritage Site. In the heart of the cradle of Cro Magnon man, visit also the most beautiful villages of France!