Are you looking for a campsite in Les Eyzies de Tayac or nearby in the Dordogne?


Reach Les Eyzies de Tayac in 20 minutes from our Dordogne campsite and discover the largest concentration of prehistoric sites in France and Europe.

The region and more precisely the Vézère valley, little sister of the Dordogne valley, is qualified as the cradle of humanity. Nestled along the Vézère river, the village of Les Eyzies de Tayac is considered as its capital and is one of the most beautiful villages in France along with Sarlat la Canéda and many others…



Looking for a camping vacation in Les Eyzies de Tayac or in the surrounding area in the South West of France? You want to put your bags in a mobile home in Dordogne Perigord Noir to visit the emblematic prehistoric sites of the region, but also castles, caves and troglodytic sites? In this case, you will be delighted to know that our campsite near Les Eyzies offers a wide range of accommodation! From chalets to mobile homes, cabins, unusual and traditional camping sites, you can book now the cheapest camping accommodation in Dordogne that suits you best to stay near Les Eyzies, one of the most beautiful towns in Dordogne! Our rentals are perfectly suited for family and couple vacations in the Périgord Noir, and you have access to a covered and heated swimming pool! Do not hesitate to consult our rates and availability for more information!

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You want to visit the Vézère valley and are looking for a campsite in the Dordogne with a swimming pool near Les Eyzies? The campsite La Fage is ideally located near the most beautiful sites of the Périgord Noir, only 23 km from the world capital of prehistory. Perfect destination if you want to stay in a campsite with a swimming pool in Les Eyzies or nearby, our campsite has a beautiful aquatic area with a covered and heated swimming pool, solarium and paddling pool for the little ones. The retractable roof provides shelter in case of rain and leaves room for the sun when the weather is fine: a custom-made pool for your vacation! Don’t worry about leaving your bathing suit in your suitcase: at La Fage campground, you can enjoy swimming every day, when you return from your excursions or throughout the afternoon if you feel like it!


Take advantage of your stay in Les Eyzies de Tayac campsite to go sightseeing in the Périgord and discover historical and prehistoric treasures. You will find there of course the museum of prehistory and the International Pole of Prehistory.

This last site is free. It is not a museum but an orientation place to guide you through the multitude of possible visits. You will be able to admire the reconstitutions of prehistoric men in different situations and striking of reality.

The list of prehistoric sites in the vicinity of Les Eyzies is important and very varied.

First, the mythical Cro-magnon shelter, whose name is now used to designate all the fossilized remains of homo-sapiens, and which has delivered burials, flint tools as well as elements of adornment dating from the Aurignacian to the Gravettian.

You also have the possibility to visit caves with recognized cave paintings and engravings such as the Font de Gaume cave or the Combarelles cave.

The caves with concretions are also present and remarkable, the cave of the big Rock is the perfect example.

You will also discover troglodytic sites used from prehistoric times to the present day, such as the troglodytic village of La Madeleine. The presence of a national monument center and the national museum of prehistory testifies to the reputation of Les Eyzies de Tayac in terms of prehistory and places of tourist and cultural interest. In the surroundings, you will also find the Bernifal cave, the Pataud shelter, the Laugerie Basse shelter, the Rouffignac cave or the famous Proumeyssac chasm. The Abri du Cap Blanc, the prehistoric cave of the Sorcier and the castle of Commarque, for a change of register, complete this non-exhaustive list of visits not to be missed in Les Eyzies!

Many troglodytic sites have been used from prehistoric times to the Middle Ages. The Roque Saint Christophe, the shelter of the madeleine or the caves of the Roc de Cazelle are the perfect illustration.

Some sites have been fortified and are remarkable, for example the fortified house of Reignac, a troglodytic site fortified over the centuries and used until the 19th century. A journey from the prehistoric shelter to the notable house still equipped with its furniture…

Rock shelters, troglodytic sites, caves and castles, the list of places to visit along the Vézère, from Montignac to Les Eyzies, is plethoric, your vacations will not be enough to see them all. You’ll have to come and go…..